Welcome to Rustam's Boxing Club!


Rules And Regulations at Our Gym

1) Discipline. Listen carefully to what the coach says and follow all that is required of you.

2) Be prepared with appropriate workout uniform.

3) Respect the coach and those around you. Be friendly and helpful to other students.

4) Bring only water as a re-hydrant. No food or other forms of drinks allowed!

5) Do not use your newly acquired skills outside of the gym. We are not here to teach you to harm others.

6) No sparring allowed without the permission/supervision of your coach.

7) Call in at least one day beforehand to cancel your scheduled training for a reschedule. We do not give refunds!

8) You are required to get your own supplies of hand wraps, boxing gloves, etc. It is not sanitary to share!

9) Make sure you have a different pair of sneakers specifically for the gym and ring.

10) Lead a healthy and happy life. Make smart choices in your diet as well as your personal life. Be smart and safe, The coach recommends that you upkeep your studies outside of the gym as well; be a well educated and intelligent person.

11) If you have any medical conditions, use any medicine, or have sudden pain/discomfort, please immediately let your coach know. It is important to your health and safety to always let your coach know about any recent changes in health.

12) If you find anything that isn't yours, please announce the item you found to the coach. Honesty is the best policy.

13) We expect hard-working, and educated students. Take your training seriously!

14) You are not here to mingle and hangout with friends-- you are expected to strictly follow your training regimen. Do not bother other students as well.

15) No cell phone, music, mp3 use inside the gym!

16) Any form of jewelry is not permitted. Do not wear any necklaces, rings, nor body/facial rings. It creates a dangerous situation for yourself during boxing training.

17) Keep the gym as if it were your own home. Please throw out your trash!

18) Eat three hours BEFORE your training, and two hours AFTER.

19) As always, enjoy your time boxing, and have fun!

Terms and Definitions Used in the gym

While training, you will come across many boxing terms. Here are most of the terms used in Boxing and their definitions: 

Bout- an amateur boxing match that consists of rounds with a one minute break.
Foul- actions by a boxer that doesn't meet the standard of a fair blow or is unsportsmanlike conduct. [Boxing Fouls]  
Haymaker- a swinging punch thrown with all of the person's weight in an attempt to knock out the other person. 
Hook- a short sideways punch in which the boxer swings with his elbow bent so the arm forms the shape of a hook.
Jab- a punch thrown quickly with your leading hand straight.                                                                  
Knockdown- when a boxer gets hit and falls to the floor or is being held up by the ropes. 
Knockout (KO)- when the boxer gets knocked down/floored ans is unable to get up unassisted after the count of ten.
Rounds- A two-three minute time limit during a workout or boxing match. Professional boxing matches usually consist of twelve rounds for males and ten rounds for females.
Shadow Boxing- is a way of warming up before your actual training. The boxer throws punches at an imaginary opponent. This method of warming up makes the boxer seem to be fighting they're own shadow--hence the name shadow boxing.
The point of shadow boxing is to correct your form and technique. Working in front of a mirror is a highly recommended way to shadow box. [Tips on How to Shadow Box]
Straight Right/Straight Left-  A straight left is for lefties, punching straight with the left hand. A straight right is for righties, who punch straight with the right hand.
is a way of practicing your skills and techniques on a "friendly" opponent. This means that your purpose is not to defeat the opponent, but more so to practice your newly acquired skills and moves on them. Sparring is a crucial method of practice in Boxing because it allows you to become accustomed to fighting in the ring and fighting an opponent. Sparring is also about control--students should not have the intention of hurting his/her opponent (we leave this for the actual bouts)! 
Technical Knockout (TKO)
- Due to bad cuts/bruises, or inability to defend themselves, the referee stops the fight and declares the boxer unable to continue.
Throw in the Towel- 
When a boxer's second throws in a towel/sponge to end the fight/acknowledge defeat.
Upper Cut-
upward punch that comes up underneath an opponent's guard.
preparing your body for training. This is done every time before you start working out, to loosen muscles, increase heart rate, and circulation.