Welcome to Rustam's Boxing Club!


Unlike many other gyms, here at
Rustam's Boxing Club in Staten Island, we go
beyond just punching a bag and learning how to defeat an opponent.

Boxing is not the brutal sport that it's portrayed to be---it's about growing character, strengthening the mind, and learning to overcome any obstacle that comes our way.

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Come See Our Gym:

First-timers at
Rustam's can try out the venue ($25) for an hour and a half of a real boxer's workout.
For the trial session, all equipment (jumprope & gloves) will be provided.

Always work with a Trainer!

ALL of our programs are based on a professional boxer’s training regimen, (with little modification). Whether you are the recreational boxer or competitor, you will get the opportunity to experience a Real boxers workout!

No other gym teaches you to start living a better life. Past the modest
 decor and ring, you can see something amazing happens at Rustam's Boxing Club.

Our trainers focus on pushing students to succeed in every aspect of
their lives.

Whether they're training to become a champion,
or just want to become stronger individuals, we want all to be the best they can be, to do the best they can do, and to start being happy with themselves and their lives.

At Rustam's Boxing Club, students push beyond their limits and realize the strength they hold within themselves